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Prompt & Professional Semi-Truck Breakdown Service

Most standard tow truck services can’t handle what a transfer truck requires when the driver calls for roadside assistance. Semi-truck breakdown service is a specialized area of expertise whose mechanics understand the unique requirements of these commercial vehicles.

Since time is money on the road, knowing the problems you can encounter will help you be more prepared when and if they occur:

Tire Blowouts

Even the best tire can blow under pressure, and since the days are long and the miles put on each tire are significant, you can expect a flat at some point in your career.

Air Leaks

Since air is critical to the operation of a semi-truck, a simple air leak can cause a catastrophic failure.

Inspection Failures

Your roadside inspection at a scale could turn into a headache if the DOT discovers an issue with the vehicle. They can prevent you from continuing your journey, so it’s good to have a semi-truck breakdown service on speed dial.

Engine Problems

Malfunctioning exhaust and fuel filters are common problems because one can cause power loss, and the other leads to a total breakdown. Stay ahead of issues with regular maintenance, and you’ll be in for much smoother travels.

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