TTS Road Service brings emergency truck road service. With our truck roadside assistance, you can control costs and reduce downtime. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and include towing and recovery service, tire replacement and more, including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and refrigeration repairs.

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In 1972, TTS, Truck Tire Service, recognized the need for an on-the-road emergency truck service, and pioneered a whole new service industry. TTS established a nationwide network of qualified vendors to service the transportation industry through a central dispatch office to allow trucking fleets to control costs and reduce downtime.

Most importantly, TTS services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The phone lines are answered by live Professional Service Coordinators - TTS does not use an answering service or answering machines. These professionals are trained to efficiently utilize an in-house computer dispatch system for rapid response.
Reliable Service Flexibility TTS Saves You Money
While TTS was initially established to aid truckers with flat tires, TTS emergency road service has been expanded to include mechanical repairs, towing, on-site facility repairs, fleet maintenance and inspection programs. Members of TTS simply dial a toll-free number, explain the situation, and help is dispatched, usually reaching the driver within one hour. TTS's registration process allows you to dictate how we handle your road service calls. You determine the authorization procedure, invoicing requirements, data collection and reporting, as well as any other special requirements you may have. TTS also can provide real time access to in process road calls via TTS web site with optional e-mail alerts. Customized reports are available showing usage history and cost accumulation allowing you to easily track expense and identify concerns. We strive to minimize costly downtime by consistently maintaining an average call to roll time of less than two hours. TTS has no registration, membership or annual fees which means you only pay for the service you use. Published uniform rates allow you to know up front what you will pay. TTS can immediately help you reduce your cost per mile and fleet operation expense.

A Leader in Service

TTS continues to lead the field in rapid service, economy and reliability, providing peace of mind for our customers. Thousands of trucking firms, leasing companies, private fleets, owner operations and bus companies turn to TTS for breakdown service.
Our entire network of rated vendors in the U.S. and Canada is controlled by a state-of-the-art computerized dispatch system, allowing us to customize our services to various fleet requirements. TTS also has a variety of marketing and discount programs to meet the needs of the single owner operator up to the largest fleet operation. TTS offers 30 day credit terms for qualified fleets, and also accepts major credit cards, comcheks, etc.

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