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How Much Does Roadside Assistance for Trucks Cost?

Perhaps in this instance, the better question to ask is, “how much would it cost not to have road assistance for trucks coverage?” Because the reality is that having a membership gives you access to a support system when you need it. This option is much more economical than having your truck sidelined for an extended period while waiting for a tow truck to show up or a repair team to eventually make its way to your location after dealing with other customers. When you join a road assistance for trucks plan, you are backed by a team with an extensive network that can be relied upon when your truck is sidelined.

Your trucks are only making money for your company when they are on the road hauling cargo and meeting your customers’ needs, but when they’re sidelined with a breakdown, it’s costing you money. You need to ask yourself how much financial impact that has and how much you’re willing to pay for road assistance for trucks. We’re sure at TTS you will find that the price for a service call is a good bargain. The best companies only charge you for the services you need when you need them.

If you want to discuss this topic further, we’re ready to provide facts and figures at TTS, so give us a call today.