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Common Methods Used for 24-Hour Truck Tire Repair

By their very nature, trucks have multiple tires, and that means the risk of suffering a flat is elevated when compared to a passenger vehicle. In this article from TTS, we will discuss the standard methods used for 24-hour truck tire repair, so you don’t get stranded by the roadside.

Tires can be repaired in a couple of common ways. The first is by inserting a rubber plug through the tire tread. In this method, the tire remains on the truck, so it is a quick and easy solution for fixing a flat. Once the leak or hole is located, it is enlarged to make room for a plug that is glued in place. The tire is then inflated, and you can go on your way.

Seals are similar, but they are placed inside the tire, so it has to be removed from the truck. This takes more time than inserting a plug, but it is often more effective. Some tire technicians will use a combination of both tire repair methods depending on the severity of the damage.

Proper tire repairs will ensure that the tire is dependable and provide the service you can count on. Contact us at TTS to learn more about 24-hour truck tire repair.