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Commercial Roadside Assistance Programs for Cross-Country Drivers

In addition to safety, there’s nothing more important than peace of mind when you’re on the road—especially as a professional who frequently drives across the country. And the best way to achieve this peace of mind is to be covered by a commercial roadside assistance program that protects you regardless of where your travels take you. TTS is proud to offer a program that provides 24/7 emergency towing and repair services for trucks anywhere in the nation.

The Benefits

Nationwide Assistance

Truckers travel through some of the busiest as well as some of the most remote roadways in America. But, regardless of where they go, they can rely on TTS for assistance. Whether you’re stuck on the side of a busy freeway or stranded in the middle of nowhere, you can rest assured knowing that someone is available from coast to coast to help you get back on the road.

Vast Vendor Networks

Thanks to an impressive web of partnerships with vendors nationwide, TTS is able to offer members competitive prices on tires, emergency towing services, mechanical repairs, and so much more.

Real-Time Updates

In the trucking and logistics industry, time is money. So, when your truck is broken down or stranded, you need to know how quickly you can get back to work. Using a computerized system, TTS provides real-time updates for both towing and repair services—meaning you’ll always know precisely when you can start driving again. It’s just one more benefit of our commercial roadside assistance program.