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Become Part of Our Emergency Truck Repair Team

The logistics industry depends on skilled repair crews to keep the world’s goods moving. This becomes especially clear in emergencies, where the speed and quality of service they receive are both critical to their success. If you have a passion for courteous service and the skills to deliver reliable emergency truck repair, you might have a home as part of the TTS team.

We bring fleet operators and trusted technicians together when problems arise on the road. By becoming a qualified vendor with us, you have more opportunities to lend your skills to customers in need. Plus, working under the TTS name gives you a trusted brand that you’ll be proud to stand behind.

Our network receives countless service requests from members all across the United States and Canada. We pride ourselves on speed, precision, and professionalism – the same traits that make you successful. Plus, you can take advantage of our many resources for vendors.

Supporting Your Success

We see our vendors as a crucial part of our mission to provide only the best emergency truck repair services. That is the reason why we help you perform your best with a wide range of support. In addition to using our renowned name, you get access to things like our unique customer portal, a computerized dispatch system, and around-the-clock connection.

If a member needs help in your area, the team at TTS makes sure you know about it and have the opportunity to respond. That translates to more jobs and the chance to make an impact on one of North America’s most important industries. We handle all the complicated networking issues that many smaller companies do not want to deal with. All you have to do is deliver on-site emergency truck repair that makes a difference for our members.

When you are ready to expand your horizons, get in touch with the team at our business. We just need some necessary information about your service area and available services. Together, we can make the roads a safer place for fleet operators and their drivers. We are ready to have your business as part of the talented TTS crew.